We are a multi-service marketing firm dedicated to helping your business succeed.

New Residents Are Our Business

Join us in welcoming new residents to the community. Our marketing services are what introduces your service and helps you secure new business.

Our NEW RESIDENT PROGRAM consists of sending a strong welcoming/promotional message to new residents in your area - each and every month. This consistency makes sure that your message reaches these valuable customers quickly, at a time when they are just beginning to acclimate themselves to their new surroundings and actively looking for needed services.

Our lists are constantly updated with the latest information on new residents in your area. We use their real names so that your message and offer is personalized - making them feel more comfortable and likely to respond.

Contacting new residents using your current mailing material is available with our presorted mailing labels. Call 1-800-729-6518 for new resident estimates by zip code.

We Take Care of Everything

Doing marketing all by yourself takes time away from your business. Let us make it easy.

•  We help you write the letter
•  We print, fold, and mail your offer every month, like clockwork
•  We include the postage in our pricing
•  There are no contracts to sign

We offer our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE to every customer. This means that you always pay our lowest scheduled price, each month, depending on the total number of addresses mailed.

We Want You!

We are looking to expand our services. If you are a member of one the of the following industries, please call us to explore the possibilities.

•  Plumbers  •  Heating A/C  •  Landscapers  •  Pizza  •  Restaurants  •  Furniture Stores  •  Retailers  •  Dry Cleaners  
•  Video Stores  •  Small Business Owners  •  Bakeries  •  House Cleaning  •  Hardware Stores  •  
And many more...

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Call 1-800-729-6518 to get started the easy way TODAY or click here to email us

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