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Pet clinics rely heavily on established relationships and when a family leaves the area, you lose their business. The new family moving in will be looking for someone to care for their pets and early contact is key to their forming a new relationship with your clinic. 

We can help and it's really quite simple.  Every time a family moves out, a new one moves in. The best way to assure that they are aware of your clinic is to let them know early using a proven, proactive approach to contacting them.

At Marketing Assurance, we've been providing our exclusive NEW RESIDENT program to clinics just like yours for over 25 years and our nationwide list of satisfied customers speaks to its success.

Our low cost, easy and effective direct mail program makes it easy to increase awareness of your clinic to families in need of finding a new veterinarian.  A regular marketing program is a sure way to get your name out there at just the right time.  Our program strives to provide a consistent flow of new business opportunities through the use of professional marketing communications mailed on a regular basis.

Here is a sample of our veterinary welcome letter and some business magnet cards. Click on the letter to read the PDF version


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